Wednesday, January 22, 2020
3 Documentaries I'm Watching
I've always had a passion for movies. Not only are they a great entertainment option when you want to unwind, but they also allow you to dive into a completely foreign world (whether real or make-believe). They have the ability to get your adrenaline pumping, to make you laugh, to make you cry and, sometimes, a mix of all...
Introducing Playster's Next Generation
Since Playster first launched back in 2014, our talented team has worked non-stop to keep upgrading the service with a focus on making it better every day. Yes, we were faced with some pretty big challenges, but thanks to everyone's passion and a lot of hard work, we were able to overcome them. Entering the game late with a...
5 Apps For Stress-Free Family Travel
I don't know about you, but I really enjoy traveling with my family. Seeing the world through my two young kids' eyes is exciting and intriguing, to say the least. That being said, it's not always easy hitting the road with little ones. Because time off should be nothing but fun, there are a few tricks I like to...
Top 5 Go-To Leadership Books
When it comes to running a startup, risk-taking is key. In fact, there are five common risks (from market risk to financial risk) that all entrepreneurs should keep in mind and take a closer look at when starting their dream business. As Sreekanth Ravi, founder of Tely Labs, told Entrepreneur magazine, "jumping into the deep end of the startup pool...
Does Genre Matter Anymore?
It always makes me uncomfortable when people ask me what music I'm into. The easiest thing for both of us would be if I dropped the name of one or two traditional genres but, in reality, I'd be telling them almost nothing – particularly now that we see genre boundaries crossed so often. And we all know that responding...


Philip J. Keezer
I’m Philip Keezer, the founder of Playster. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and family. My goal is to make entertainment more accessible and affordable for everyone.




Top 10 Quotes About Success (And The Power Of Failure)

Top 10 Quotes About Success (And The Power Of Failure)

Fact: We could all use an extra dose of motivation from time to time. After all, most entrepreneurs, whether they're just starting out or...
5 Snapchat Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow

5 Innovative Snapchat Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow

Snapchat may be one of the newest players in the social media space, but it's quickly gaining popularity and more and more brands are flocking...
Should Job Interviews Be More Creative?

Should Job Interviews Be More Creative?

When it comes to recruiting new talent for your company, what are the keys to discovering the absolute best candidate for the job? Is...
Is Cheaper Entertainment The Answer To Stopping Piracy?

Is Cheaper Entertainment The Answer To Stopping Piracy?

It seems there's no stopping the growing popularity of entertainment pirating, but could the solution be as simple as making entertainment cheaper? Australia's Communications...
How To Run A Successful Business With Minimal Sleep

How To Run A Successful Business With Minimal Sleep

If there's one experience all entrepreneurs share, it's having to function on minimal sleep. Between managing all aspects of a company, whether it be a startup or...