Post Pandemic Business Ideas

With an end to the pandemic in sight, and countries across the world loosening social distancing measures, some are predicting a post-pandemic business boom.

Which businesses will be best placed to succeed however, and meet the needs of a post-pandemic world?

Analogue or Digital?

Before exploring individual business ideas, it’s important to settle on a model. What will be more fruitful after the pandemic, bricks and mortar analogue business, or digital first business that rely on the latest tech? 

The answer is most likely both.

Yes, the pandemic brought digitization to the forefront of business. Teams of workers all across the globe were forced to either halt their activity, or work out ways to do it remotely. This made digital solutions gain traction. In turn, more digital opportunities for new businesses popped up. Since digital solutions are convenient, and usually more efficient, they’re not likely to decelerate in growth after the pandemic. 

Digital adoption has been a major theme of the pandemic, so digital businesses are still a good idea.

But bricks and mortar businesses can also be worth it in a post pandemic boom. People miss going out to a restaurant, the cinema, or the club. Real-life experiences, services, or products were dearly missed during the pandemic, and people still long for them. The trend toward home-working also means people have more time in their day, perhaps to grab a coffee or visit a local shop.

As such, the best post pandemic business ideas can come from both worlds. 

Digital Marketing Agency

There is a large range of activities that digital marketing agencies can perform for their clients, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid Ad Campaigns
  • SEO
  • Content Writing 
  • Copywriting

And a lot of other processes that help any business have a better platform online. The demand for digital services is already on the rise, and that’ll probably not change after the pandemic. Millions of businesses adopted digital solutions out of necessity, which showed them the benefits of promoting services and products online. In fact, digital ad spend grew by 12% in 2020, which shows how much potential there is in this niche.

However, eager entrepreneurs shouldn’t just create and advertise a generalist digital marketing agency. While it can work enough to get them some clients, focusing the agency on specific aspects of digital marketing can bring in more engaged, higher paying clients. 

Event Planning

People all across the globe are eager to experience another live event soon. And as the pandemic eventually slips into the history books, events will be even more prevalent. From corporate outings, to weddings or market events, people will be queuing in line to host or attend events. And that’s why a good idea for a post pandemic business is to get into event planning. 

However, like in the case of a digital marketing agency, an event planning business has more chances to succeed if it’s focused on a particular niche. When money is tight, event planners can look to branch out and host more than one type of events, if the opportunity arises. But there’s something important to keep in mind – when people that need help planning an event look for a partner, they’re more likely to contact someone specialized in the niche they need. 

Online Learning

While all digital sectors skyrocketed during the pandemic, online learning in particular has seen impressive growth. And an EdTech business isn’t limited to creating and promoting online courses. There are a lot of marketplaces like Udemy that help EdTech entrepreneurs grow their platform.

To pursue online learning, an aspiring entrepreneur needs to have expertise in a field. That expertise can be adapted into educational content. However, that’s only the first step. Convincing people they should pay for that content is a bit harder, especially if the digital world will be flooded with online learning platforms. That’s why people interested in the field should start as soon as possible, to solidify their place in the market.

Moreover, alternative education methods, like apps, especially for kids, can have just as much traction as classic online courses. This is another avenue for online education success, but companies need more resources to create a product like this.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning is a hot market to hop on right now. 

With social distancing measures relaxing all across the globe, sanitized venues are a must for any in-person activity. Whether a company wants to open their offices again, or a music festival is being hosted again, venues need to be cleaned, and sterilized effectively. It’s a crucial step in maintaining the low level of cases most countries have achieved.

So a cleaning service company is a good post pandemic business idea, especially as the process of returning to normal gets underway. Extra points if said company has special substances and equipment to protect against virus spread, and markets that well.

Ecommerce store

Perhaps the biggest impact of the pandemic on online business has been for the growth of ecommerce. It boomed last year. But this growth wasn’t a surprise. Ecommerce was always projected to expand constantly, because of its benefits for consumers.

The pandemic just shifted gears and accelerated the growth of ecommerce. And it’s not a trend likely to end, even if people can now go to live stores. The variety, and convenience of ordering products online is unparalleled. And that makes it a very good post pandemic business idea.

And Remember…

The pandemic created needs and desires for people. If you think about what these needs are, and how they’ll change with the pandemic losing its grip on the world, you can identify a plethora of other business ideas that will thrive after we go back to normal.