Running a business, by running the miles

There is no denying the countless physical benefits that come with long-distance running and walking, but beyond this, what benefits can running bring to your mind and your business?

Running your own business brings with it huge levels of responsibility and busy schedules. So, what are the psychological benefits of running and walking, and how can they be harnessed by entrepreneurs for both better health and better business.

The psychological benefits of running

There are countless psychological benefits to regular running and walking. And, with 64% of small business owners reporting symptoms of anxiety, running is good for your health and good for your business. Decisions made in a state of anxiety will never be the right ones, so, running the race can help you run your business.  

But how does this work?

One of the biggest benefits of regular running or walking is a significant reduction in stress for both the body and the mind. High-intensity exercise leads your body to produce endocannabinoids, a biochemical substance produced by the body which floods your bloodstream providing short-term feelings of reduced stress and calm. When running, blood circulation to the brain is also increased which further serves to improve mood.

In fact, just a 10 minute run can have this mood boosting effect, and give you a whole new perspective on any business challenges you may be facing. Running has been found to have a just as effective as anti-depressants when it comes to managing stress.

Better running your business

When you are able to utilise running and walking to help level out and improve your moods, your business will be better for it. Regular running can help to improve your headspace and allow you to tackle challenges and busy schedules with more ease.

Many successful people have utilised the power of running almost as a form of mediation to calm their minds and help achieve their business goals. One of the world’s most successful author’s Haruki Murakami, for example, wrote a whole book on how running helps him achieve his goals. Murakami recounts how regular running helped clear his mind and freed him from the stagnant lifestyle of a writer so his mind was in the best place to create some of his most noted works.

So, if you’re running a business, consider running a marathon too. This is one of the best ways to manage stress, keep on top of a million different priorities and to stay focused on the important goals.