Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Philip J. Keezer
I’m Philip Keezer, entrepreneur, business consultant and mentor. My goal is to develop innovative new technology that makes business easier and allows entrepreneurs to thrive autonomously.


Strategising the Second Funding Round

I recently looked at what businesses and entrepreneurs should be considering when they approach the question of raising capital investment.

What can we learn from the Montreal Canadiens?

While there are many things that divide Montrealers, from language to Jordan Peterson, there is one thing that unites us, the Montreal...

Raising Venture Capital: Everything You Need To Know

Venture capital can help a business boost market reach and begin the journey from start-up to SME to corporate and beyond. Capital...

Management principles and how to apply them

The world of business is highly dynamic, and prone to often rapid change. Holding management responsibilities in business then brings with it...

Remaking the case for free markets

The news media’s traditional maxim of if it bleeds it leads is as true today as it’s ever been. The only difference...