Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Philip J. Keezer
I’m Philip Keezer, the founder of Grindstone Capital. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and family. My goal is to develop innovative new technology that makes business easier and allows entrepreneurs to thrive autonomously.




Why Businesses Can Be Optimistic During The Pandemic

With COVID-19 cases back on the rise in many parts of the world, it looks like the pandemic will continue to impact...
philip keezer remote team

5 Tips For Building a Powerful Remote Team

As working from home starts to look more like a revolution than a stopgap, it’s never been more important for managers to...

A Closed-Door Policy Is Better For You & Your Employees

It’s becoming very fashionable for leaders to tout their ‘open-door policy’ as a progressive perk for new hires. The idea is that the boss...

Our Future Depends On A Free Market Economy

As we move into an uncertain post-COVID world, a free-market economy has never looked so critical in protecting the future of humanity. Although political leaders...

Family Values Are Crucial For The Future Of The Economy

Since the beginning of human history men and women have formed families and raised children to grow up and become valuable members of society....