Friday, November 25, 2022

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Philip J. Keezer
I’m Philip Keezer, entrepreneur, business consultant and mentor. My goal is to develop innovative new technology that makes business easier and allows entrepreneurs to thrive autonomously.


Philip Keezer

The decline of cryptocurrency?

In its infancy, cryptocurrency promised to be a radical alternative to conventional finance. Secure, private and subject to enviable growth and excitement,...
Philip Keezer

The importance of reforestation, and how your business can help

With COP27 around the corner, climate change is top of the agenda for governments and organisations around the globe. The world’s forests...
Philip Keezer

Getting the most out of meetings

Meetings have always been an important feature of workplace culture. But are meetings always the best way to get things done? The...
Philip Keezer

The Paradigm Shift: How To Embrace Change As An Entrepreneur

The world has seen massive shifts in business and social spheres in the last few years. The pandemic was a catalyst for...
Philip Keezer

Running a business, by running the miles

There is no denying the countless physical benefits that come with long-distance running and walking, but beyond this, what benefits can running...