5 Innovative Snapchat Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow

5 Snapchat Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow
5 Snapchat Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow

Snapchat may be one of the newest players in the social media space, but it’s quickly gaining popularity and more and more brands are flocking to the platform, trying to figure out how to best use it as a marketing tool.

Although there’s no set key to success, the following accounts are a great starting point in your research. These businesses and brands are Snapchat success stories and can serve as great inspiration for entrepreneurs in all fields. Hopefully, they’ll be able to inspire you in your quest to make the most of Snapchat.


As one of the first brands to pop up on Snapchat back in August 2013, GrubHub went after the platform’s young user base with unique content and a big focus on offering promo codes, giveaways and discounts. They also managed to build a loyal following by responding to almost every single message they received. The lesson? User engagement is key on Snapchat and you have to make sure your followers feel engaged and like they’re being listened to.

Free People

This clothing brand is a master when it comes to using Snapchat for building hype around new releases. By offering followers sneak peaks at new collections and behind-the-scene teasers from their offices, photo shoots, fashion shows and more, they reward their followers by making sure they’re always the first to be in the know. They also engage with their following by regularly tasking real Free People employees to answer fan-submitted questions.

Taco Bell

Always one to come up with crazy marketing ideas that speak to younger generations around the globe, Taco Bell kept its recipe for success in tact and translated it to Snapchat. From influencer shoutouts to wacky snaps, they give their fans what they want and they use the platform to unveil new products with innovative ideas. Like when they debuted Doritos Locos Tacos by shooting a six-minute Snapchat Story that looked more like a movie.

DJ Khaled

OK, so DJ Khaled isn’t a brand in the traditional sense of the term, but he has managed to build an entire career — and empire — by mastering (and monetizing) Snapchat. Khaled uses his account to motivate and inspire followers, as well as entertain them, with content that ranges from smart to crazy and the Snapchat community loves it. If there’s one person who has mastered the platform as a tool to build a devoted fan base and, as a result, a successful brand, it’s DJ Khaled.

General Electric

GE may not seem like an obvious Snapchat success story, which makes it all the more impressive. General Electric has managed to set itself apart from competitors by making learning fun and offering followers 100% unique content. Like the chance to ask questions and have them answered by the likes of Bill Nye the Science Guy. They also post puzzles and, of course, content about GE products that impact everyone’s day-to-day lives.